Missing teeth lead to big changes in your everyday life.

Without teeth, eating, speaking, and smiling can be challenging. This can affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

But you can fix that, and mini dental implants might be the key.

At our Crofton, MD practice, we have seen how mini implants have improved the lives of our patients. Keep reading to learn three reasons you should call 301-261-3800 to set up a consultation to discuss your replacement teeth.

1. New Secure Teeth

Mini implants are like standard implants but smaller. They can deliver similar results, however. With your new implants, you can trust that your replacement teeth will work as well as the real thing.

2. Skip an Extra Procedure

Doctors often recommend a bone graft when people lose teeth. The reason is that many people don’t replace teeth right away, or they get dentures, which don’t prevent bone loss. Mini implants are made to fit in jaws that cannot support standard implants.

3. Better Quality of Life

With stable teeth, you will be able to eat the food that you want to eat. You will be able to speak clearly, and you can feel good about sharing your smile in person or in pictures.

Call Crofton Dental Center today at 301-261-3800 for an appointment in Crofton, MD. You can also schedule an appointment online. Let’s make your smile better with mini implants.