Protect Your Smile With Mouthguards in Crofton

If you have family members who play sports, chances are they wear protective gear like pads, shin guards, and helmets. Don’t leave their smiles unprotected! Let Dr. Sood fit them for mouthguards in Crofton.

Our custom-made mouthguards:

  • Offer a better fit than equipment purchased from a store, so your athlete won’t be tempted to play without protection
  • Give you peace of mind, knowing your loved ones’ smiles are safe
  • Can be modified to protect braces or other orthodontics, unlike stock mouthguards
  • Help prevent broken teeth and other injuries that require restorative repair
  • Fit snugly so they’re less likely to become dislodged during play

To schedule a fitting for an athletic mouthguard, call us today at 301-261-3800.

Custom Mouthguards Prevent Other Dental Issues

Custom mouthguards aren’t only for athletics. In addition to offering sports mouthguards, your dentist may recommend a mouthguard to:

  • Prevent Problems Associated With Teeth Grinding – Many people grind their teeth while sleeping. This habit can damage tooth enamel and also may cause painful TMJ problems. A mouthguard will protect your teeth during sleep and relieve jaw pain.
  • Make It Easier to Breathe at Night – A custom-made mouthguard offers a comfortable, hassle-free alternative to a CPAP machine for sleep apnea treatment.

With proper maintenance, you can expect a mouthguard to last for several years. To protect your custom mouthguard and ensure it continues to do its job, follow our care tips:

  • Rinse off your mouthguard after each use.
  • Brush your mouthguard daily with a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive toothpaste.
  • When not wearing it, store it in a sturdy case; clean your case regularly too.
  • If possible, dry it completely before storing.
  • Bring it with you to dental exams so we can make sure it’s still in good shape.

For mouthguards in Crofton, call Crofton Dental Center at 301-261-3800, or request an appointment online.