Create a Perfect Smile With Dental Veneers in Crofton

If you’ve wanted a straightforward way to get a beautiful smile, there’s probably no better option than dental veneers in Crofton. Dr. Sood can use these thin shells to give you the look of a celebrity and help you:

  • Feel confident in all your social interactions
  • Gain an edge in your professional life
  • Make better first impressions when socializing
  • Look younger and more attractive
  • Boost your self-image

If you’re ready for the smile of a lifetime, call Crofton Dental Center today at 301-261-3800 to schedule your consultation.

Teeth Veneers Can Transform Your Smile

Veneers are fingernail-shaped pieces of luminescent material, often porcelain, that Dr. Sood will bond onto the front of your imperfect teeth. Once they’re in place, you’ll have a beautiful smile that rivals that of your favorite celebrity.

Getting your new veneers is simple:

  • You’ll come in for an exam and consultation. We’ll take a set of X-rays so we can look closely at your tooth and bone structure.
  • We’ll help you decide which veneers are right for you. There are many kinds of veneers on the market, available in a variety of shapes, shades, translucencies, and thicknesses.
  • If necessary, we’ll remove a small amount of tooth enamel to make room for your veneers. Some types of dental veneers are so thin that this step isn’t needed.
  • Our lab partner will make your new veneers to our exact specifications.
  • You’ll return to our office, and we will cement the veneers to your teeth.

When you partner with us for your new smile, you’ll have access to a wide variety of veneers. Empress and e.max veneers are just two of the well-known brands we often use. We can use any kind of veneers and any material to create just the look you’ve been wanting. We don’t limit your choices for your cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Call Crofton Dental Center today at 301-261-3800 to schedule your consultation for dental veneers in Crofton. You can also request an appointment online.