More than one third of the US population experiences fear of the dentist. For people who have extreme dental anxiety, this can make even simple checkups difficult.

You can learn to manage and even overcome your anxiety, and our team in Crofton, MD can help. Call 301-261-3800 to plan a visit to Crofton Dental Center, so we can discuss how our approach to patient care can help you.

1. Talk to Us


We aim to get to know all our patients. By talking to us about your concerns, we can work with you to find solutions that allow you to maintain and improve your oral health.

2. Get Cozy

Feeling physically comfortable can put you in a relaxed state of mind. We can provide pillows and blankets to get cozy. Plus, we can provide a water if you are thirsty.

3. Try Sedation

If you need a little more help to relax, we also offer sedation options. Dental sedation can keep you calm and pain-free, so you can receive the care you need.

Call Crofton Dental Center today at 301-261-3800 for an appointment in Crofton, MD. You can also schedule an appointment online. Let’s work together to overcome dental anxiety.