Feel Better Soon With Our Migraine & Headache Solutions in Crofton

It’s hard to feel good when you have a pounding headache. That’s why one of the services we offer is migraine and headache solutions in Crofton. We want our patients to enjoy the highest quality of life they can. Our treatment can allow you to:

  • Wake up feeling refreshed without a nagging headache
  • Be more productive during your workday
  • Relieve tension in your neck and shoulders
  • Alleviate moodiness brought on by chronic headaches

Call us today at 301-261-3800 to schedule your consultation for help. You’ll find our office at 1664 Village Green, just off Crofton Parkway.

A Healthy Mouth Can Make Your Entire Body Healthier

When you improve the health of your mouth, you can address a lot of other health issues, including migraines and headaches. When you come to us for help with your headaches, we’ll look at several areas to pinpoint the cause of your pain, then recommend treatment accordingly. Some of our treatments include:

  • Night Guards – We can have a custom-fit night guard made that you wear while sleeping. It will help keep you from grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw, both major causes of tension headaches. Plus, it will help protect your tooth enamel against damage caused by teeth grinding.
  • Botox® – When injected into specific areas around your jaws, Botox limits the movement of particular muscles that can create tension and cause headaches. This limiting action will last for several months before needing re-treatment.
  • Occlusal Equilibration – When your teeth don’t line up properly when closing your mouth, it can create tension in your jaw joints that leads to headaches. We can reshape the biting surfaces of your teeth or provide restorations as needed so that your bite is more even and you have less tension in your jaw.

Don’t keep suffering needlessly in pain. Call our team today at 301-261-3800 for migraine and headache solutions in Crofton. We’ll help you get out of pain soon! Be sure to schedule your next regular exam as well.