End Your Suffering With Root Canals in Crofton

A root canal procedure is perhaps the most feared treatment in restorative dentistry. Yet it shouldn’t be! It doesn’t cause pain; it ends it. Dr. Sood performs root canals in Crofton to:

  • Save a tooth you would otherwise lose to infection
  • Restore pain-free oral function
  • Help you avoid the hassle and expense of an extraction and tooth replacement
  • Prevent infection from spreading to your jaw or even elsewhere in your body, where it can cause fever and other problems

Don’t suffer with a toothache! Call us ASAP at 301-261-3800. We block out time in our schedule to offer same-day appointments whenever possible. With local anesthesia, most patients find root canal treatment no more painful than receiving a filling or other restoration. However, you can also choose to receive an oral sedative to completely relax you.

Save Time & Money by Keeping Your Tooth

If bacteria gets inside your tooth, the soft pulp inside will become infected. Your only two treatment options are removing the pulp with root canal therapy or tooth removal. Dr. Sood will help determine which one is best for your situation, but generally speaking, it’s best to keep your tooth.

By choosing a root canal procedure instead of an extraction, you will:

  • Recover More Quickly and Easily – You’ll experience a much quicker recovery following root canal treatment. Unlike an extraction, there won’t be any bleeding, and you won’t be stuck with a soft-food diet for days.
  • Avoid Bone Loss and Other Problems – Losing a tooth means losing its root, which over time results in the loss of bone density in your jaw. You also won’t have to worry about adjacent teeth moving out of their proper place.
  • Eliminate the Expense of Tooth Replacement – While you can prevent bone loss with a dental implant, there’s no need to pay for an implant or other tooth replacement if you remove the infected material from your tooth.

For root canals in Crofton, call us at 301-261-3800 or request an appointment online.