Enjoy a Straight Smile Using Invisalign in Crofton

Did you know it’s never too late for orthodontic treatment? No matter how old you are, if you’re tired of crooked teeth that take away from your otherwise beautiful smile, now is the perfect time to get the help you need. Using Invisalign in Crofton, Dr. Sood can straighten your teeth and give you a smile you’ll proudly show off everywhere. We are a certified Invisalign provider and cannot wait to see you. Our Invisalign treatment will help you:

  • Look younger and more attractive
  • Make better first impressions in your social life
  • Earn more respect from your coworkers and peers
  • Maintain good oral hygiene easier
  • Draw others to you with a natural-looking beautiful smile

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Invisalign Treatment Can Deliver Your New Smile Nearly Effortlessly

The Invisalign system has been in widespread use for almost two-and-a-half decades. Over the years, this innovative treatment has helped over 14 million patients achieve straight, beautiful smiles under the care of trained dentists. Patients have come to trust the Invisalign name because of its reputation as a leader in clear aligner therapy.

As part of our cosmetic dentistry options, Invisalign treatment is radically different from traditional braces. Rather than using metal brackets, bands, and wires, you’ll wear comfortable plastic teeth aligners that gently move your teeth into their proper positions. You’ll never deal with the discomfort of having metal hardware in your mouth that can irritate your cheeks or lips.

Besides comfort, other reasons our patients love the Invisalign technique so much are:

  • Speed – Clear aligners work much faster than traditional braces. Many of our Invisalign patients complete their treatment in as few as 12 months, although some take longer and some shorter. You can complete your treatment in months rather than two years or longer.
  • Flexibility – With braces, it’s not possible to remove your hardware for eating or for brushing your teeth. However, the Invisalign aligners are easily removable for these activities or for a special occasion. Simply pop them out and reinsert them when you’re done.
  • Discretion – You’ll never worry about others staring at your teeth when you choose Invisalign orthodontics. There’s no metal involved, just clear plastic aligners that are difficult for others to spot. You can keep your orthodontic treatment a secret if you want. Others will simply notice your smile getting straighter and straighter.

During your first orthodontic appointment, we will take a set of digital impressions and use digital imaging to show you what your new smile will look like. You’ll know just what to expect from your Invisalign treatment! Once you’ve completed treatment you might be interested in some of our other cosmetic treatments. Ask about our $399 Zoom whitening special!

Isn’t it time you started on the smile you’ve always wished you had? Call Crofton Dental Center at 301-261-3800 today for more information about Invisalign in Crofton. You can also request a no-hassle appointment online.