Choose a Practice With the Latest in Dental Technology in Crofton

Whatever reason you are coming to the dentist, you want your appointment to go as smoothly as possible. From regular cleanings to implant procedures, our dental technology in Crofton will ensure you have the best possible experience. By choosing a practice that invests in their patients, you can:

  • Feel confident about moving forward with treatments
  • Expect successful outcomes and precise results
  • Get inspired to take better care of your smile
  • Enjoy smoother appointments
  • Experience less stress in the dental chair

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Our CBCT Scanners Help Us Plan Your Implant Procedure

When it comes to complex procedures such as dental implants, we need to prepare as much as possible in advance. We want to ensure you get the results you expect, which is why we use our CBCT (Cone-Beam Computed Tomography) scanner. This special technology provides 3-D images of your mouth that allow us to:

  • Provide Precise Diagnoses – We simply don’t recommend treatments without knowing exactly what’s going on underneath the surface of your smile. This technology allows us to see the details of your mouth, so we can correctly diagnose your oral health issues.
  • Quickly Capture Images – Waiting for a CBCT scanner to finish is a quick process. In less than a minute, we’ll have over 100 images, including the soft tissues of your mouth and bone detail that we can use to recommend and plan for procedures such as implants.
  • Prepare for Successful Treatments – We need as much information as possible to successfully complete treatments such as full-mouth reconstruction or dental implants. We can even use it to create a virtual model of your mouth, so we know exactly where to place these artificial tooth roots for ideal results.

Capturing Dental Impressions Is Easy With Our Intraoral Scanner

One of the reasons patients feel reluctant to visit the dentist is because of dental anxiety. This anxiousness often comes from a fear of pain or discomfort during appointments. That’s why we use technology like our intraoral scanner for a smoother appointment. You can expect:

  • More Comfortable Impressions – Using our intraoral scanner, we can easily get impressions of your teeth without having to put messy trays of goop in your mouth. The process is quicker and more comfortable for you.
  • Excellent Fit of Your Restorations – We use the scanner’s digital impressions to ensure a perfect fit for your restorations, such as crowns, bridges, veneers, or our orthodontic solutions.
  • Better Understanding of Your Oral Health – With the impressions captured by the scanner, we can show you exactly what’s going on inside your mouth and why we’re recommending certain treatments.

These are only two of the types of modern dental equipment you’ll find at our practice. We’re always looking for ways to improve the patient experience, whether it’s through our team pursuing ongoing education opportunities or investing in dental technology in Crofton. Benefit from a practice that puts you first by calling 301-261-3800 for an appointment.