Up all night because of your spouse’s loud snoring?

Dragging your feet all day because you toss and turn every night?

Is sleep deprivation making everyone in your household more irritable lately?

Whether it’s you or your partner, sleep apnea symptoms can be disruptive for the whole family, not to mention the sufferer faces serious health risks.

This summer, you can celebrate a new kind of freedom when you break the vicious cycle of sleep apnea, a persistent disorder that leads to repeated patterns of breathlessness and wakefulness all throughout the night. 

You can visit Dr. Owens to be set up with a sleep test and, if necessary, a custom oral appliance that fits like a mouthguard and helps you breathe easily all night long for deeper, better rest.

Call Owens Dental of Crofton in Crofton, MD at 301-261-3800 or schedule online.

Break Free From The Vicious Sleep Apnea Cycle