You may have dental insurance, but are you getting your full benefits?

You should schedule a visit to our Crofton, MD office before the end of the year to maximize the care you receive under your smile. Here are three reasons you should call 301-261-3800 for an appointment at Crofton Dental Center.

1. Know Your Limits

Dental benefits don’t typically roll over from year to year. If you have a procedure, you want to ensure you get all that you can from your insurance plan before a new year begins.

2. Get Basic Care

Many dental plans cover routine cleanings and exams. You may be eligible to get preventive care for little or no out-of-pocket cost.

3. Use Your FSA

You may have a flexible spending account with your insurance. If so, those funds need to be spent by the end of the year, or they are lost. Now would be a good time to make an appointment to utilize your FSA.

We want you to have a healthy smile and get the most from your dental insurance.

Call Crofton Dental Center today at 301-261-3800 for an appointment in Crofton, MD. You can also schedule an appointment online.