Every time you consider starting orthodontic treatment, you quickly talk yourself out of it because you just can’t bear to think about wearing braces.

Even if it means your smile would look so much better.

But maybe you’d reconsider if you knew that a cosmetic improvement wasn’t the only positive impact straighter teeth could have on your life.

For National Orthodontic Health Month, visit Dr. Owens to find out if one of our clear aligners systems will give you the smile you’ve always wanted and the boost in oral health you’ve always needed!

That’s right! When your teeth line up properly, you can more easily keep your mouth clean with brushing and flossing and protect your oral and overall health from gum disease and other problems.

Ready to enjoy all the advantages of a straight smile? Then call Owens Dental of Crofton in Crofton, MD at 301-261-3800 or schedule online.

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