Improve Your Smile With Transparent Aligners

You are entitled to a healthy, gorgeous smile. That’s why you ought to begin Invisalign treatment with Dr. Rahat Sood. Rather than conventional braces, this transparent aligner technique remedies your bite troubles and carefully moves teeth into the appropriate position for an aligned, attractive smile.

Your plastic aligners will fit comfortably over your teeth and feel frictionless against the soft tissues inside your lips and cheeks. This orthodontic method enables you to preserve your typical diet and oral hygiene regimen since you can take them out.

Together with the ease of this method, you can enjoy the peace of mind of the virtually unseen aligners that won’t change your appearance. Every couple of weeks, you will switch to the subsequent pair of aligners in your sequence until treatment is done, and nobody has to know you used them!

At Crofton Dental Center, we provide a range of cosmetic dental care services to boost your smile. You can even mix treatments to achieve the outcomes you want. You can pick:

  • Teeth Whitening – Whiten your smile safely and effectively with our professional whitening system. It lightens teeth more powerfully than anything you’ll find in stores.
  • Cosmetic Bonding – Cover smaller problems like tiny gaps, chips, and fractures on your teeth for a fresh new look.
  • Dental Veneers – Cover imperfect teeth with custom veneers made according to the shade, shape, and size you prefer for the smile you always desired.
  • Gum Reshaping – Reveal a symmetrical smile with a pain-free treatment that readjusts your gumline and allows you to display more of your teeth.
  • Tooth Contouring – Transform a misshapen tooth by taking away some enamel.
  • Crown Lengthening – Make your tooth more visible by taking away gum tissue in targeted areas of your smile.
  • Botox® – Treat crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles with this service.
  • Juvéderm® – A dermal filler gives your skin a younger and more attractive appearance.
  • Thread Lifts – Tighten your skin with this face-lift alternative.

You can get Invisalign on its own or as part of your complete smile makeover. Regardless, you’ll feel good knowing that you are doing something to improve your smile. Choose the most effective path to a good-looking smile! To see if Invisalign in Riviera Beach, MD will work for you, call Crofton Dental Center right now at 301-261-3800 to set up a visit.